• Acappellafest 2014

    We had an incredible time at Acappellafest this year, benefitting the Morgan Center! The Bostonians sang "Queen" by Janelle Monae (sung by Sami Middleton '15) and debuted our brand new 2k14 Dance Mash-Up.

    The BC Heights wrote a wonderful review of the show, saying:

    The Bostonians were up next and, as always, they delivered—the soloists were not only great vocalists, but surprisingly avid rappers, too. Sami Middleton, A&S ’15, sang “Problem” by Ariana Grande and it was one of the best performances of the night. Travis Russell, A&S ’18 and one of The Bostonians’ newest members, then sang “Summer” by Calvin Harris, and he had the perfect voice for it.

    Thank you to everyone who came and supported us! 



  • OMG! The Bostonians made BOCA 2012!

    For the second year in a row, the Bostonians of Boston College have been honored to be a part of the Best of College A Cappella, a compilation of the nation’s finest and most accomplished college a cappella groups. This year the Bostonians rocked out with “OMG” by Usher, sung by the legendary Alvic Plan ’11. Also on the 2012 album are notoriously talented groups such as the Tuft’s Beezlebubs, the Dartmouth Aires, and the UNC Clef Hangers. You can find the 2012 BOCA CD online or on iTunes.

  • The Bostonians Celebrate 25 Years

    The Bostonians of Boston College will perform a 25th anniversary reunion show in Devlin Hall on Dec. 10 featuring members of every class year since 1986. This will be the final event of a reunion weekend for the Bostonians.The Bostonians refer to themselves as "Boston College's original and premiere a cappella group." Their 1986 founding officially makes them the oldest a cappella group on campus, and they perform pop, rock, and R&B music.The Bostonians hold reunion events every five years, but this year's turnout is especially impressive. Including both current Bostonians and alumni, 100 performers are expected to participate in the concert. This large number is not surprising to those who have been part of the Bostonians."The Bostonians is something much more than a singing group— it's a family with deep roots reaching far across the country," said Nick Todisco, BC '06. "Returning to the group as an alumnus for the 25th reunion means catching up with dear friends and sharing what this group meant to us with spouses, partners, and children. I don't think I'll ever allow myself to miss a reunion." The Bostonians plan to play songs from their current repertoire on Saturday, but also include some classics sung by the alumni. They list 17 songs in their Fall 2011 repertoire. Some possible songs to look forward to include "Rolling in the Deep" by Adele, "Cry" by Faith Hill, "Secrets" by One Republic, and "In My Life" by the Beatles.    The only practice for the entire performing group will be in the morning before the concert. The alumni are not worried about being prepared, however. "Fortunately, it's nearly impossible to forget your part after four years of rehearsing three nights a week," Todisco said. Each returning Bostonians alumnus has helped contribute to the storied history of the group. The Bostonians have sung to thousands of Boston College students in the past 25 years, and participated in all the normal activities of a college a cappella group, such as singing at football games and Christmas tree lightings. What makes the Bostonians so unique is their experience outside the realm of normal. This group has been featured on national television, on shows like The Price is Right, MTV's The Real World, and has sung the national anthem at Boston Bruins games and a Minnesota Timberwolves game. Alumni remember this extraordinary experience fondly. "We performed across campus, Boston and the country and had the most amazing time doing so," Todisco said. "Through it all, the laughter, tears and everything in between, I was challenged to grow as a musician, friend, and person." The Bostonians have won numerous awards and honors for their work. They were featured in the 2001, 2003, 2004, 2005, and 2011 editions of the Best of College A Cappella CD, produced by Varsity Vocals. The Bostonians' most recent album, "Flipping Out," was nominated for Best Mixed Collegiate Album of 2010 in the national CARA awards. This is a high honor, as the CARA awards, judged by the Contemporary A Cappella Society, are considered the Grammys of collegiate a capella music. "It's a very prideful thing to see the group still flourishing as one of the nation's best mixed collegiate groups," said Todisco. "As the Bostonians turn 25 this year, it remains at its core the same as it was since day one — a group of people, joined by their love of creating music, who become family."

     * This Article was taken directly from the Heights, Boston College’s independent student newspaper. The article can be found here, http://www.bcheights.com/news/bostonians-celebrate-25th-anniversary-1.2729877#.T9tmf83fP_4

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  • Fall Invitational 2012

    We had an amazing Fall Invitational! Thank you BU Aural Fixation and BU Allegrettos! We hope everyone who came out had as good a time as we did. Check out this awesome article from the BC Heights to find out a little more about the show! 


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Where In The World Are The Bostonians?

It's no secret that the Bostonians miss each other over the summer. We decided for this very reason to show off exactly where we are! Check out the group's reunion, showcased in our summer video series!